All About Temperature Sensor Cables

Posted by Admin on April, 24, 2015

Various industrial processes require accurate measurement of temperature for obtaining better chemical reactions or better quality products. Using normal or even industrial thermometers do get a result, but they are not really accurate. The solution to this issue is to use Temperature Sensor Cables that can measure temperature with the accuracy of sub-degree Celsius by the means of linear cables. The sensors in the cable are connected in series so that various points can simultaneously provide readings at the same time.

Sensor Cables Manufacturers make sure that all cables are made with the following features:

  • Easy Installation: They are easy to install as they can be spliced up in many different ways with appropriate tools.
  • Lower Cost: As all the sensors are installed in series in one cable, they are cheaper and less cumbersome than using multiple wires all connected to different networks.
  • High Strength: These cables are made from stainless steel and quartz fiber; hence they have a hard structure and a high tensile strength.
  • Zoning Capabilities: They are capable of being divided into various modes and used in multiple zones, like video, ventilation etc.

Sensor cables are used in a variety of applications. They have a long life and can stay useful in the harshest of environment, which makes them adaptable for varied uses.

  • Pipelines: Pipelines are used for transferring of liquid from one place to another. To detect any leakage in the pipes and to ensure the proper flow of the liquid, sensor cables are used.
  • Tunnels: Sensor cables can be used to detect fire or any weather condition related accident.
  • Transmission: Industrial power transmitters can be installed with Temperature Sensor Cables for monitoring of heat generated during transmission or to keep tabs on fire or flood related accidents.

These cables not only have a faster response time, but also do not need regular calibration. Power Sensor Cables Suppliers in India provide quality tested products that are affordably priced.

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