Elastomeric Rubber Cables For Very Special Applications

Posted by Admin on March, 25, 2015

Electrical cable is one of the oldest industries, as old as the use of electricity itself. The evolution of technology has also changed the way the cables are sheathed from the outside. Even in the case of the inside insulation, research has thrown up new technologically superior materials. In this piece, we will take a closer look at how the Elastomeric Rubber Cables Exporters have developed cables for specialized applications.
Defining Elastomeric Rubber Cables

The description of this product is not very difficult to decipher. Rubber is the basic material, elastomers are compounds of rubber; some compounds are Silicone rubber, EPDM, EVA and Fluor-elastomers. There are many such compounds. The cable manufacturers themselves would have in-house research programs to develop newer compounds to satisfying the highly demanding requirements of their customers. So the cables inside or the conductor will be as per the rating for specific needs in terms of the cross section expressed in square mm and the number of cores and the rating in terms of the KV the cable is meant for.
Industries That Use Elastomeric Rubber Cables

There is really no end to the list of sectors in industry and business, which extensively use elastomeric rubber cables. A very brief list is as below:

  • Coal cutting machines
  • Windmills and Solar power equipments wiring (open to sun/rain/air)
  • Wiring in ships, Oil rigs (high exposure to corrosive air/water)
  • Locomotive (high exposure)
  • Motor lead wires
  • Mining and Earth moving equipments
  • Submersible cabling
  • Battery
  • Fiber optic cables

As can be noticed, most of these applications relate to the cables being exposed to the harshest of conditions where they are used. Specifically, industries, where open air cabling is the norm, have also been highlighted.

For the buyer of these cables, especially an overseas buyer, however, it is a challenge to choose the best from among a set of Elastomeric Rubber Cables Exporters. The best way is to first do a bit of a search online, shortlist a few good sounding manufacturers and then dig deeper. Some aspects like the machinery and infrastructure that the manufacturer has in their facility will have to be thoroughly checked. The key machinery like a wire drawing machine (for multi cores also), electroplating facility, bunching machine and the process machinery required for the making of the elastomeric rubber compounds and the continuous vulcanisation lines and so on. Once you are fully satisfied that the manufacturer and exporter are able to meet all these requirements you can place orders.

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