Wiring Insulation Using PTFE Wires Made By PTFE Wire Suppliers In India

Posted by Admin on December, 18, 2014

Wiring safety rules are meant to protect us from electrical shock and fire hazards. These rules and regulations vary by country. In the modern world, with the advancement of technology, safer and superior options are available for wiring. Insulated wires from PTFE Wires Suppliers in India are the widely used option for both domestic and industrial use. These are rated by the voltage they allow to pass through and their maximum operating temperature. You need to keep these factors in mind while designing your electrical circuit and deciding the quality of wire to be used.

Varieties of wires are available in the market. There is no perfect wire that can be used for all situations and can satisfy customers. If you are looking for more reliable, strong and durable product, then PTFE wires can suit your requirement. PTFE (DuPont trade name Teflon) is one of the two big wiring insulation solutions. It can be used to meet any physical, electrical and chemical condition of the environment. These wires are made with high grade materials using latest technologies.

All about PTFE wires:
PFEA is a fluorocarbon, made from atoms of fluorine and carbon. This product is manufactured keeping in mind the Mill standards, IEC standards and International standards.


  • This product shows high resistance to chemicals like acids, fire, sunlight and even moisture that leads to corrosion
  • It is flexible and has more elasticity than other wires
  • It's melting temperature is 327 degree Celsius. It will not get burnt, even in high oxygen environments. It can perform consistently at the high temperature.
  • It is made using best quality raw materials. They are mechanically tough and can be used for safe wiring
  • It is screened by undergoing a number of tests for quality (including tensile strength, spark testing, insulation resistance, conductor resistance, elongation and smoke density test) to get defect free end products.

This product is used for various electrical applications. It is not only useful in domestic wiring but also in industrial wiring. It is widely used in aerospace industry and radio wiring.

They are available in multicolor and are cost effective. Main varieties that are available are:Stand alone PTFE wires - They are highly resistant to chemicals and have a high melting point.

  1. PTFE wires with polyimide coating - They are moisture resistant and have useful abrasion resistance, which is not present in the base PTFE wire.

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